​Hey, I'm Pip

Global Business Scaling Strategist 

Finance & Operations Coach

ACA Chartered Accountant


I help product-based business owners scale to seven figures without burning out

Hey there superstar, I see you! 


You've built an amazing business from the ground up, people are raving about your products, and you've cracked the code to consistent sales... it's all finally coming together 🥂


But there's one small issue....


Your business has taken over your life.


Hectic days, late nights, working all weekend. it just doesn't ever seem to let up.


Without realising it, you've created your own glass ceiling… you’ve become your own bottleneck, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to fix this. You've started to implement systems, you've even hired some help, but you are more stressed out than ever.


You wake up thinking about your business and you go to sleep thinking about your business.  No matter what you do, you just can't quite find that work-life balance.


You didn't start your business just to survive. You started your business to thrive. But at the moment you're in full survival mode every single day.


And tbh, you're not sure how to get yourself out of this place without hurting your business or your sanity...


But it doesn't have to be this way...

Pip Harland wearing a yellow blazer, black top and blue jeans stood in front of a green hedge.

In fact, it shouldn't be this way.


Not that long ago, I was exactly where you are right now. My business was growing, and I just couldn't keep up.


From the outside it looked great, but I felt trapped. I had left my corporate job to build a business that would allow me to travel the world, create my own schedule and live my life the way I wanted to.


But instead I was glued to my kitchen table, stuck for hours in front of a screen, unable to live the life I wanted. 18 hour days, cancelled plans and absolutely no work-life balance. I was on the fast-track to burnout.


I knew that if I didn't do something, I wasn't just stopping my business from growing, I was risking my health and my happiness.


Sound familiar? 🙄🙄🙄

So I made a decision…. A life changing decision.


I was no longer accepting this route to success. I was done with working hard… I was ready to start scaling the smart way.


So, I combined all the skills and strategies that I had learnt from helping huge international companies run more efficiently in my Big-4 consulting job with everything I’d learnt from building my own business from the ground up.


I worked out how to streamline my operations, manage a team remotely and automate my product fulfilment, so I could maximise my profit and makes sales in my sleep.


And the best part….


I now help other incredible business owners, just like you, do exactly the same in their business.

But, lets jump back to you. After all this is your business we’re talking about. Your future.


Imagine for a moment... what if you could…


✔ Have a business that runs like a well-oiled machine... streamlined systems that take away the hard work, a team of superstars that can smash out the day to day ops, and a straight-forward strategy that makes scaling simple and fun


✔ Wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to be doing in order to achieve your business and personal goals


✔ Have the freedom to focus on what you love doing in your business, and not be neck-deep in admin every day


✔ Become the CEO of your own time and create your own schedule based on the things that are actually important to you


✔ Finally book that holiday you've been dreaming of, safe in the knowledge that your business can, and will, run itself whilst you are away


This doesn't have to be a pipe dream any longer.

Don't just listen to me.... here is what my amazing clients are saying!


Screenshot of client testimonials showing switch to booking systems to save money.
Screenshot of a client testimonial saying that Pip is the person to go to
Screenshot of client testimonial showing productive day since working with Pip

So here’s my million dollar question for you (‘cos we’re aiming for that seven figure business right? 😜)


Are you ready to make your life changing decision?


Are you ready to stop feeling lost and overwhelmed and unsure of your next business move?

Pip Harland laughing in front of a brown wicker fence, white top and navy blazer.

Hey, I’m Pip…


Global Business Scaling Strategist and Finance & Operations Coach, ACA Chartered Accountant, ex-Deloitte consultant, and 100% committed to helping ambitious product based business owners just like you scale their business to seven figures without burning out in the process.


I’m here to give you the best coaching and strategies available by continuing to invest my time, energy, and financial resources into my own growth to guide you in your business journey. This is why I have:

  • Travelled around the world to implement systems and support 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses achieve their strategic goals
  • Built my own successful product-based business from the ground up whilst balancing a demanding corporate job
  • Gained a world-leading business and finance professional qualification (ACA)
  • Helped my clients go from over-worked and over-whelmed to in control and in demand
  • Been chosen to represent the UK as a One Young World Ambassador to discuss social mobility, access to decent work and economic growth
  • Invested over $75,000 in my personal, academic and professional development
  • Been mentored by the best in the industry from all around the world

Did I mention that I’m a crazy-animal lover, travel nerd and chocolate addict… 

“Stop making a living. Start making a life”

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